• 7000 Series Chair

    The risk of back, leg and other joint pain can be significantly reduced with ergonomic seating.  Features such as seat size and depth, back height, arm height, chair height and seat/backrest tilt will help you select the perfect chair.

  • Maximize worker and machine productivity by positioning work at just the right level. Eliminate manual lifting, bending and reaching associated with a wide variety of tasks.  Multiple capacities and platform sizes available.

  • Anti-Fatigue mats alleviate stress to the back and legs by providing a cushioned surface to stand on.  Anti-Fatigue mats are perfect for people who have to stand or work in the same place for continual periods of time.  Anti-Fatigue mats are recommended for a wide variety of industries and are commonly placed in various applications such as:
    • Production or assembly lines
    • Stand Up Desks or Workstations