• SL Supports

    Adjustable conveyor supports in various height ranges allow for the perfect conveyor pitch and elevation for any application.

  • Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

    Chain driven live roller conveyors (CDLR) are specifically designed to transport loads such as bins, castings, pallets, etc.

  • Ball Transfer

    Ball transfers are great for re-orientating product on assembly lines or workstations.  Product must have a flat solid bottom to operate efficiently.  Ball assemblies are 1″ dia. steel ball with a capacity of 50 lbs. per ball max.  Frame capacity is 1300 lbs. maximum distributed live load per 10′ section with supports at 10′ centers; 3200 lbs. when supported on 5′ centers.

  • 3530S

    Designed especially for efficient transfer of heavy cartons, boxes, tote pans, packages, cases, etc., gravoty roller conveyors are easily set-up or rearranged when your needs change.  Choose from light, medium, heavy or extreme duty conveyors.  Available is various widths, legnths and heights.